Digital Literacy Project

Inside Out’s 30th and 31st festivals presented new successes, challenges, and opportunities for the festival to grow and continue its strong presence not only in the film community, but in the queer community in general. These achievements would not have been possible without the contributions of the staff, board members, volunteers, contractors, filmmakers, donors, audience members, and other festival affiliates. 

Learn more about how Inside Out and it’s collaborators utilized new digital systems in this three part series.

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To elaborate more about how each festival department utilized new digital systems, we have some of Inside Out’s staff members to say a few words. 

  1. Lauren Howes – Executive Director
  2. Andrew Murphy – Director of Programming
  3. Elie Chivi – Director of Development
  4. Emma Pitters-Fisher – Development Coordinator
  5. Jayne Schneider –  Administrative Operations Manager

Download the full PDF of the Digital Literacy Project.

Inside Out started using CineSend On Demand, the Toronto-based digital system company, for its 2020 festival to deliver its expansive programming to audiences across Ontario and across Canada during year-round screenings, successfully pivoting its film content to be easily accessible online during the COVID-19 pandemic. CineSend’s Brad Fox (Vice-President, Post-Production) speaks about CineSend and Inside Out’s collaboration more below.

Download the PDF of Part Two: CineSend.


Elevent and Zone, two key systems in place at Inside Out, have been used for several years for all things related to ticketing, events, and data management. When Inside Out pivoted to the digital world, Elevent was a key digital system used to ensure that patrons were able to access the same great film programming from the comfort of their homes. Zone continued to be used as Inside Out’s main source of film and event information, storing film credits, images, event details, venues, and programs.

Download the PDF of Part Three: Systems in Place.


Launched Oct. 2021

Executive Director: Lauren Howes

Digital Systems Project Coordinator: Jacob Crepeault

Technical Producer: Raphael Sanchez


This project was made possible through the Digital Strategies Fund thanks to: