May 27th

Opening Night: Language Lessons

Although 2020 will not be known as a year for making connections with strangers, Language Lessons shows that despite social isolation there is always an opportunity for love to grow.

Adam (Mar...


Disintegration Loops + Shorts: Icons

As the 20th anniversary of 9/11 looms near, William Basinski contemplates the enduring legacy of The Disintegration Loops (his elegy to the 2001 Attacks), while quarantined in the midst of COVID-19.



Adapted from a novel by Swiss-Kurdish writer Yusuf Yesilöz, Beyto, which won the Prix du Public audience award at Switzerland’s Solothurn Film Festival, wrestles with the tension between cultures, ...


Fanny: The Right to Rock

Name an all-female rock band that changed music forever. The Runaways? Sure, but have you heard of the trail-blazing rock band Fanny, who did it all first? Fanny: The Right to Rock tells the story of ...


Mama Gloria

Mama Gloria invites you into the world of role model, charm school founder and powerful trans activist, Gloria Allen.

Born in 1945 and growing up in Chicago, Allen lived through many pivotal mo...



Genderation tracks the journey of revolutionary queer people and the world in flux around them.

In 1999, Monika Treut made one of the first documentaries—Gendernauts—about trans people liv...


Love, Spells and All That

United by a twenty-year-old spell, two women journey through the neglected corners of their memories as they explore the island of Büyükada, Istanbul, in Love, Spells and All That.

After two ...



Two follows a couple as they set out on the long road to conception and realize their dream of having a baby.

Omer and Bar are deliriously in love and can’t wait to start a family. On their...


How to Fix Radios

In Casper Leonard and Emily Russell’s stunning first feature, young queers carve out their own destiny in a rural community in Southern Ontario.

When Evan, a narrow-minded teen, starts a new ...


Trans in Trumpland

From bathroom bills to terrifying reports of hate crimes, the media presents an alarming narrative about life for trans people in the United States. But what are the individual stories and experiences...


My First Summer

My First Summer is the movie every queer teen looked for but couldn’t find—an adolescent’s daydream come to life.

Claudia, having lived in social isolation for all of her 16 years, is al...



Kapana, a name referring to the preparation of meat over an open fire, provides the hot setting for two Namibian men, a kapana seller and an insurance broker, who meet and fall in love.

After a...


Can You Bring It

Bill T. Jones is leaving a compelling legacy as one of the most fascinating dance choreographers alive today. His works express themes of sacrifice, love, loss, and rebirth through graceful ballet per...



As a moody teenager, is there anything worse than being dragged on vacation with your entire family? Doubtful.

A.J., a socially awkward teen, has just arrived at a coastal holiday park with he...


Poppy Field

Eugen Jebeleanu’s feature debut was inspired by real-life events, echoing religious fundamentalists in Bucharest who protested a screening of the Hollywood film, The Kids Are All Right. But his Popp...


Boy Meets Boy

Taking inspiration from the mumblecore genre, Boy Meets Boy is a brief but romantic encounter between two young men who fall for each other over the course of a single day.

Harry has been spend...


I Carry You with Me

Acclaimed filmmaker Heidi Ewing makes her narrative feature debut with I Carry You with Me, a bittersweet true story of an aspiring chef’s dreams and romantic encounters.

Iván works at a re...


Instructions for Survival

Instructions for Survival, one of the most striking documentaries to come out of this year’s Berlinale, elegantly navigates the story of a couple fighting for freedom against terrifying threats in t...


Walk With Me

Walk With Me follows a young mother who must take some personal risks to find the happiness she has been seeking.

At the age of 30 and with a young daughter in tow, Amber has made the brave dec...


Being Thunder

Sherente Harris, a two-spirit genderqueer teenager from the Narragansett tribe in Rhode Island, boldly challenges the status quo of what it means to be a queer Indigenous person in a world bound by bi...


Everything at Once

Blurring the lines between traditional documentary and film essay, Everything at Once observes the work of two Catalan photographers and their vision of emphasizing the sex appeal of the working class...


Leading Ladies

Ruth Caudeli (Second Star on the Right) returns to Inside Out with Leading Ladies, a reflection on how different perspectives and memories affect one group of queer women.

As five friends gath...


Drag Invasion

Drag Invasion proves that not all heroes wear capes. Some heroes save the day wearing heels and wigs.

LGBTQ communities in Peru are still victims of an extremely conservative and religious cul...


Dawn, Her Dad & The Tractor

When a young woman with a startling resemblance to her mother arrives home for her mother’s funeral, one family begins an odyssey toward understanding.

Dawn returns home to Nova Scotia to mo...



Bloodthirsty, the latest astonishing film from Canadian director Amelia Moses, is guaranteed to make your skin crawl with its vivid imagery and eerie sound design.

Grey (Lauren Beatty) is your ...


Yes I Am – The Ric Weiland Story

Ric Weiland is a name you’re probably not familiar with, especially in association with a tech giant like Microsoft. This captivating documentary explores Weiland’s life and work as an out and pro...



South African auteur Oliver Hermanus (Beauty 2012) delivers a brutal but radiant story of young gay desire on the Angolan war front.

The year is 1981 and South Africa’s white minority governm...



Over the course of a hot summer day in Los Angeles, the lives of young Angelenos intersect through spoken word.

A roller-skating guitarist, a tagger, two wannabe rappers, an exasperated fast-f...


A Sexplanation

From neuroscience labs to church pews, A Sexplanation features provocative conversations in the pursuit of sexual truth and knowledge.

Like many youth in the 90s, Alex received misguided sex...

May 28th


When Molly moves into a new apartment after a tragic accident, a strange noise from upstairs begins to unnerve her.

As Molly attempts to settle into her new life, she becomes obsessed with a d...

May 29th

Ma Belle, My Beauty

The buzz about this Sundance Audience Award winner suggests that Ma Belle, My Beauty primarily explores a polyamorous relationship. In fact, what the film more poignantly explores are the yearnings an...

May 30th

Potato Dreams of America

Potato Dreams of America is an unlikely autobiographical fantasia that uses magical realism and plenty of humor to honour mothers, immigrants and dreamers everywhere.

Struggling to survive in t...

June 1st

See You Then

Meeting up with an ex years after a tumultuous breakup can be dangerous, but it can also be healing. And for Kris and Naomi, it could be both.

A decade after abruptly breaking up with Naomi, K...

June 2nd


Querencia is a love story that follows two Indigenous queer women from divergent backgrounds as they navigate and explore their complex Indigiqueer identities and their differing cultural upbringings....


A Distant Place

A Distant Place is a wistful drama about love and family, set in the dazzling countryside of Hwacheon County in South Korea.

From a distance, Jin-woo’s quiet life in the country seems idyllic...

June 5th

Closing Night: Alone Together

In a year where the world turned upside down, 2020 also proved to be a time of innovation for artists such as Charli XCX, the beloved pop musician who recorded and released a full album in 40 days.<br...