Before I Change My Mind

Trevor Anderson

Trevor Anderson





Feature film




1 h 28 mins




Canadian, Non-Binary

In the debut feature from award-wining director Trevor Anderson it’s 1987 and Robin’s arrival at a small-town Alberta middle-school causes a stir.

Being the new kid at school is never easy, and it’s extra challenging for Robin to contend with the discomfort of the other students who aren’t sure of Robin’s gender. Things improve when they become friends with Trevor, the local troublemaker, during a class trip to the West Edmonton Mall. But Robin and Trevor’s friendship is put to the test when they are both attracted to Izzy, leading Robin to question the price they are willing to pay to fit in.

*For accessible tickets, please email

Sat Nov 12, 7:00 pm
Ottawa Art Gallery
50 Mackenzie King Bridge
Ottawa, ON

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