Closing Night: The Blue Caftan (Le Bleu du Caftan)

Maryam Touzani

Maryam Touzani



Morocco / France / Belgium / Denmark


Feature film




2 h 4 mins




Fashion, Gay, Middle Eastern, Romance

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Jeffrey Richstone and Jayadev Raju

The Blue Caftan follows a married couple, Halim and Mina, who run a traditional caftan store in one of Morocco’s oldest medinas. Halim is a skilled tailor, taking his time with detailed and historically significant embroidery. Mina works in the shop dealing with demanding customers ignorant of the time and effort each garment takes.

To help keep up with the demand they hire a talented young apprentice, Youssef. He is eager to learn and Halim is drawn to both his blossoming skills and his calming presence. It is not long before their interest expands outside of their craft and the work gives way to longing glances — all while Mina watches.

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Sun Nov 13, 9:15 pm
Ottawa Art Gallery
50 Mackenzie King Bridge
Ottawa, ON

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