Nana's Boys

Ashton Pina

Ashton Pina



United States


Feature film




1 h 18 mins




Black, Gay, Romance

Films that celebrate love between Black gay men are still sadly scarce. Nana’s Boys is a notable exception.

Q and Amari seem to have it all: They are deeply in love, Q is a lawyer in line for a big promotion, they have a gorgeous Manhattan apartment, an abundance of friends, and a great relationship. But when an explosion in the city forces them into lockdown, the cracks begin to show. Tensions run high, differences become apparent, and betrayals come to light. Nana’s Boys focuses on the intimate life of a couple who are confronted with the fact that their relationship is not as solid as they thought.

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**You MUST be in Ontario to view digital screenings.

Fri Nov 11, 4:00 pm
Ottawa Art Gallery
50 Mackenzie King Bridge
Ottawa, ON


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