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ALL MAN: The International Male Story

The International Male catalog reached gay and straight customers alike as it redefined images of masculinity in American culture. ALL MAN: The International Male Story journeys across three decades of…


Before I Change My Mind

Being the new kid at school is never easy, and it’s extra challenging for Robin to contend with the discomfort of the other students who aren’t sure of Robin’s gender.…


Canadian Shorts

Films include: Thot or Not, Save the Date, Coin Slot, Beyond the Void, Medium Young, Homewreckers, Will Flowers?, Scaring Women At Night


Closing Night: The Blue Caftan (Le Bleu du Caftan)

The Blue Caftan follows a married couple, Halim and Mina, who run a traditional caftan store in one of Morocco’s oldest medinas.


Gateways Grind

The memory of so many lesbian bars, whose stories are integral to lesbian history, is in danger of slipping away. But filmmaker Jacquie Lawrence is determined to not let that…


Golden Delicious

Everyone wants something from high school senior Jake: his father is pushing him to try out for the basketball team – an abandoned dream of his own – and his…


International Shorts

Films include: Warsha, How Not To Date While Trans, Masquerade (Egúngún), Tomorrow Then, Tuullik, My Mother\'s Girlfriend, The Actress



Jeannette gives an intimate and inspiring picture of a life interrupted but not destroyed by traumatic violence.


Mars One

With keen affection and an understanding of its characters, Mars One explores the hopes and expectations, the anxieties and foibles, of a Brazilian family against the backdrop of the 2018…


Nana’s Boys

Q and Amari seem to have it all: They are deeply in love, Q is a lawyer in line for a big promotion, they have a gorgeous Manhattan apartment, an…


Opening Night: Something You Said Last Night Details

Ren reluctantly accompanies her very Italian family on a beach resort holiday. As her younger sister makes friends and parties, Ren navigates a resort that does not cater to her…


The Divide (La fracture)

The astounding Valeria Bruni Tedeschi delivers a tour-de-force performance as the high-strung half of a couple coming apart at the seams amid the anti-Macron “yellow vest” protests.


The First Fallen

The First Fallen offers a sensitive look back at the early days of the AIDS epidemic in Brazil through the eyes of three friends.


Unidentified Objects

A misanthropic gay dwarf and a plucky sex worker go on a road trip to Canada in search of aliens, but what sounds like a wacky premise is actually a…


We Will Never Belong (Nunca Seremos Parte)

Emi has recently discovered that her mother is in love with another woman, and Emi’s not handling it well. She retreats to the community, where she was born, to stay…


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