2019 – 20 Inside Out Short Film Lab

A professional training program for 2SLGBTQ+ emerging filmmakers of all ages who are looking to make their first short films.

November 4th kicked off the recently revamped Inside Out Short Film Lab, in partnership with the Alliance of South Asian AIDS Prevention. 8 South Asian and Indo Caribbean emerging filmmakers will receive over $20k of In Kind Support from community partners to make a short documentary or narrative film.

This year’s participants include:

Aneel Vyas
Rojelio Palacios
Nakita Sunar
Sadiah Rahman
Mirusha Yogarajah
Suzanne Narain
Natalie Elisha


For more information about Inside Out’s Short Film Lab, please email mentorship[at]insideout.ca.


In partnership with:

History of New Visions & the Queer Youth Digital Video Project

In 1998, with the support of Charles Street Video, Inside Out initiated the Queer Youth Digital Video Project to provide opportunities for youth to learn video production in a supportive atmosphere. The Youth Project provided young artists with the hands-on access to the latest video technology – which historically has been financially out of reach for most youth. As well, the Project provided one-on-one mentorship and training with professional artists. Often post-secondary programs do not offer safe, supportive, queer and anti-oppressive environments for queer youth to express themselves and be creative. The QYDVP provided this important outlet. Queer youth under the age of 25 were mentored through the process of making their first videos – from storyboarding and shooting to post-production and editing. In 2009, Inside Out switched to working with high definition camera equipment and produced HD videos, providing young artists access to the latest technologies in video production.

In 2010, Inside Out presented a special edition of the Project called the Legacy Video Project as part of the 20th Anniversary Festival. Much like queer youth, elders also often lack access to professional educational mentorships, new technologies and opportunities to engage with their peers in a supportive, 2SLGBTQ+positive environment. There is often a gap between the young and older generations. With the Legacy Video Project, our goal was to have youth and elders share their experiences and stories while working together.

After completion the works are screened at the Inside Out Toronto 2SLGBTQ+ Film Festival and many have gone on to play at festivals around the globe. Each year, the videos are compiled on DVD and distributed free to schools and community organizations. To date, over 100 new filmmakers have created work through the Project.

What happens to the videos and how can I see them?

Each year the completed works are made available to various community organizations that work with queer groups to do anti-homophobia education. Such organizations have included: SOY, Triangle Program, ACT, ACAS, LGBT Youth Line, TEACH, Griffin Centre, PFLAG, various LGBT film festivals around the world, various high school GSA’s, etc.

If your organization is interested in receiving the films, please contact:

Jenna Dufton
Programming Manager

Films from New Visions 2018

Hi, Mrs. Friedman!

Director: Rachel Epstein
Producer: Lucia Linares Leon
Canada | 2018 | 5:00

This funny, poignant gem explores what happens when a mother and daughter show up at a queer bath – house on the same night.


Tofu Scramble

Director: Santana Doran
Producer: Sam Sorrenti
Canada | 2018 | 5:00

Tofu Scramble explores the inner workings of queer sex and the misconceptions that arise as a result of limited access to education, poor representation and lack of communication in the life of an 18-year old girl.



Director: Anthony Dunn
Producer: Izzy Bautista
Canada | 2018 | 5:00

After the death of her wife, painful fragments of the past wash over a woman who is about to start her life over, transporting her into a state between memories and dreams.



Director: Archie Zhang
Producer: Megan Pham-Quan
Canada | 201 | 5:00

For the princess with Daddy issues and the daddy with Princess issues, Heroes offers a thought-provoking twist in the little fairy tale that is our lives.