A Distant Place

Park Kun-Young

Park Kun-Young



South Korea


Feature film




1 h 59 mins


Korean (English Subtitles)


Galas and Premieres


Asian, Gay, Romance

A Distant Place is a wistful drama about love and family, set in the dazzling countryside of Hwacheon County in South Korea.

From a distance, Jin-woo’s quiet life in the country seems idyllic. He spends his days taking care of a sheep ranch with his niece and chosen family, tucked away from the stressful city life. When Hyun-min, Jin-woo’s longtime friend from university and former lover, unexpectedly shows up, tensions arise and the two men evaluate where they left off. To make matters more complicated, Jin-woo’s twin sister arrives after years of absence and demands to take her daughter back to the city. Now, Jin-woo’s once carefree life is thrown off-balance as he faces these surprising reunions.

A Distant Place is a heartfelt story of romance and the definition of family, gracefully captured through mesmerizing performances and breathtaking scenery.

Wed Jun 02, 8:00 PM to June 6th, 11:59 PM (ET)

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