Everything at Once

Alberto Fuguet

Alberto Fuguet



Chile, Spain


Feature film




1 h 42 mins


Spanish (English Subtitles)


International Showcase


Experimental, Gay, Hispanic,

Blurring the lines between traditional documentary and film essay, Everything at Once observes the work of two Catalan photographers and their vision of emphasizing the sex appeal of the working class.

Paco and Manolo, partners in work and life, are the iconic photographers behind Kink Magazine, an underground fanzine known and admired for its homoerotic aesthetic. Both men work under a singular gaze, taking turns to capture their models in all their intimate poses. The film follows Paco and Manolo through various photoshoots and interviews about their lives and legacies as queer artists. Paco and Manolo’s natural approach to their work is endearing to witness and the results are reminiscent of the grand paintings of Caravaggio.

Everything at Once gives Paco and Manolo proper tribute to their craft—a photographic art that captures the human body in a naked realism that is free from prejudice and modification.

May 27th, Noon (ET) to June 6th, 11:59 PM (ET)

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