Monika Treut

Monika Treut





Feature film




1 h 28 mins




International Showcase


Activism, Aging / Elders, Lesbian, RE:Focus, Trans

Genderation tracks the journey of revolutionary queer people and the world in flux around them.

In 1999, Monika Treut made one of the first documentaries—Gendernauts—about trans people living in San Francisco. Twenty years later, Monika reunites with some of the film’s subjects to see how their lives have evolved in the intervening years. What Treut discovers is that the genderqueer community of bygone days has been replaced. San Francisco has plunged into gentrification and has neglected its queer elders, despite the city’s queer-friendly appearance. But, despite these negative implications, the Gendernauts focus their energy elsewhere and speak of triumphs in their personal relationships and careers, and of the momentum of trans visibility on a national level.

Genderation will be presented as a double feature with a newly restored version of Gendernauts, Monika Treut’s original documentary that first played at Inside Out in 1999.

May 27th, Noon (ET) to June 6th, 11:59 PM (ET)

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