I Am Syd Stone

Denis Theriault

Denis Theriault





Feature film




1 h 20 mins

Previous Festivals/Awards


Shorts and Episodic


Canadian, Gay

Hollywood heartthrob Syd Stone finds a connection that immediately creates drama onscreen and off.

Syd Stone, a former A-List Hollywood actor, has seen better days. In need of work, he reluctantly finds himself in a small town shooting a B-movie. While getting drunk one night in his hotel bar, he meets Matt, a handsome young lawyer on the verge of his biggest case yet. Through their work stresses, the men connect instantly and things become more than friendly. An intense affair ensues, putting Syd’s personal life and career in jeopardy.

I Am Syd Stone is a beautifully directed six-episode series and an expansion of the award-winning 2014 short of the same name. The project was selected as a series for Telefilm’s Talent to Watch program in 2019.

Oct 1st, Noon to Oct 11th, 11:59 PM (ET)

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