Knives and Skin

Jennifer Reeder

Jennifer Reeder



United States


Feature film




1 h 51 mins

Previous Festivals/Awards

Official Selection, 2019 Berlin International Film Festival




Bisexual, Lesbian, Queer, RE:Focus, Youth

In Knives and Skin, Jennifer Reeder takes the classic American high school movie and turns it completely on its head, adding magical realism, pop-song choirs, and a feminist twist.

At first glance, this rural Illinois high school seems like any other:popular football players and their cheerleader girlfriends, marching band nerds, the feminist loner, and the unassuming kid in the mascot costume. But when their peer Carolyn Harper goes missing, the students are forced to confront the cracks in the façade, along the way revealing their true selves and new, unexpected connections. The disappearance also exposes parent’s secrets and highlights the town’s overriding dysfunction.

Part teen comedy, part musical and part thriller, Knives and Skin is the badass feminist high school movie we have all been waiting for.

Wed May 29, 9:30 pm
TIFF Bell Lightbox 2
350 King Street West
Toronto ON

14A Rating


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