Leading Ladies

Ruth Caudeli

Ruth Caudeli





Feature film




1 h 21 mins


Spanish (English Subtitles)


International Showcase


Bisexual, Hispanic, Latinx, Lesbian, RE:Focus

Ruth Caudeli (Second Star on the Right) returns to Inside Out with Leading Ladies, a reflection on how different perspectives and memories affect one group of queer women.

As five friends gather for a dinner party, they discover that one of the things they all have in common is keeping explosive secrets from one another. As their various points of view unravel over the course of the evening, we see how each woman’s version of events leads to one whole truth. And as each reveal pulls the women further apart, they must fight to remember what brought them together in the first place. Will years of friendship prevail or are past secrets too much to overcome?

Featuring incredible unscripted performances, the five women in Leading Ladies masterfully explore the complexity and beauty of queer friendship.

May 27th, Noon (ET) to June 6th, 11:59 PM (ET)

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