One in a Thousand

Clarisa Navas

Clarisa Navas





Feature film




2 h 0 mins

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International Showcase


Lesbian, RE:Focus

With its long, handheld takes, Clarisa Navas’ second feature feels like a documentary, intimately following a group of queer teens as they dance bodily, swap sensuous stories, and play sexually charged games of hide-and-seek.

Iris (Sofia Cabrera), one of those teens, is a self-described “angel,” and yet she’s been expelled from school. While she tries to figure out who she is, she spends her days wandering through her claustrophobic social housing complex, dribbling her basketball, shyly chatting with friends, and dodging rude men. Things come into focus when the utterly cool, very mysterious Renata (Ana Carolina Garcia) catches her eye, and the two grow closer even as Iris’s friends spread rumours about Renata’s sexual history.

One in a Thousand poignantly captures the awkward, beautiful period between childish innocence and the harsh realities of adulthood when anything is possible and just as easily lost.

Oct 1st, Noon to Oct 11th, 11:59 PM (ET)

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