Max Currie

Max Currie



New Zealand


Feature film




1 h 37 mins

Previous Festivals/Awards


Shorts and Episodic


Activism, RE:Focus, Trans

Returning home can be challenging, and Rurangi reveals how one individual navigates the pitfalls of a rural, conservative town in order to reconnect with his loved ones.

When tragedy strikes, young trans activist Caz (played by smouldering newcomer Elz Carrad) can’t bear the tense situation in Auckland and he decides to return to Rurangi, his troubled hometown. He hasn’t seen his father, his best friend, or his ex-boyfriend since before his transition. Can Caz reconcile with the people he left so long ago and help in the environmental fight that is dividing the town?

Rurangi features trans and gender diverse people both onscreen and off, from the actors, to the crew and the creative team, the production fully embraces the #ByUsNotAboutUs philosophy of telling stories from the perspective of lived experience. This translates into a sensitive, nuanced and addictive new series that will leave you clamouring for Season 2.

Oct 1st, Noon to Oct 8th, 11:59 PM (ET)

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