Stupid For You

Jude Klassen

Jude Klassen





Feature film




1 h 23 mins

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Canadian, Lesbian, Music, Queer, Youth

Jude Klassen’s musical feature, Stupid for You, asks the knotty question: what’s a shy, awkward queer teen to do when the opportunity to be noticed by her crush presents itself? The answer? Whatever it takes.

Kat and best friend Stevie are on a mission to reunite Kat’s mom’s formerly famous one-hit wonder (and now dysfunctional) band in time for the Spring Fling—a plan that the friends are eagerly hoping will help Kat win over the coolest girl at school. Decades of band drama—and getting the girl—prove to be nearly impossible. As things start to unravel, Kat must face a serious case of stage fright and the possibility of losing her best friend, in order to save the school dance. Can Kat face her fears and save the day?

Stupid For You is a rollicking good time filled with heart, set against a soundtrack that will play in your head long after the dance is over.

Fri May 27, 4:45 pm
TIFF Bell Lightbox 1
350 King Street West
Toronto, ON

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