Olivia Peace

Olivia Peace



United States


Feature film




1 h 22 mins

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International Showcase


Animation, Black, Lesbian, RE:Focus, Religion, Youth

First queer love—that painful, terrifying, yet ultimately freeing feeling—doesn’t always turn out the way we expect, especially when the object of our desire is a self-serving manipulator.

Carrie (Madeline Grey DeFreece) and Hannah (Rachel Sennott) have been inseparable since childhood. Things change suddenly when, during a grief counselling session following the funeral of a classmate who committed suicide, Hannah suggests that she and Carrie kiss for educational purposes. Carrie’s hidden feelings bubble to the surface, while Hannah casually shrugs off the encounter. Rather than consider the events around their classmate’s death, Hannah and Carrie are consumed by the toxicity in their own relationship.

Tahara‘s pitch-perfect tone examines the loss and betrayal, and the messy rite of passage, of falling for your best friend.

Oct 1st, Noon to Oct 11th, 11:59 PM (ET)

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