The Garden Left Behind

Flavio Alves

Flavio Alves



United States


Feature film




1 h 30 mins

Previous Festivals/Awards


International Showcase


Activism, Black, Latinx, Trans

The Garden Left Behind traces the relationship between Tina, a young Mexican trans woman, and Eliana, her grandmother, as they navigate Tina’s transition,and strive to build a life for themselves as undocumented immigrants in New York City.

As Tina begins the process of transitioning, Eliana struggles to understand Tina and fears that their life together in America is no longer what they bargained for. Tina finds camaraderie in a small but mighty transgender advocate group but,soon, also finds herself having to fight for the life that she’s meant to live—facing violent threats,insurmountable medical costs, questions about her legal immigration status, and increasing skepticism from the man she loves.

This film touches on the very real threat of violence against trans women of colour in America and does include a scene with graphic violence. For more information, please visit our website at

Sun May 26, 7:15 pm
TIFF Bell Lightbox 2
350 King Street West
Toronto ON

R Rating


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