There's No Place Like This Place, Anyplace

Lulu Wei

Lulu Wei





Feature film




1 h 15 mins

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Spotlight on Canada


Activism, Canadian, Queer, RE:Focus

If you grew up in Toronto, it’s likely that Honest Ed’s comes to mind as one of the city’s historic landmarks. Unfortunately, the now demolished Honest Ed’s no longer welcomes guests to its Bloor and Bathurst corner, but its impact lives on in this captivating documentary from local filmmaker Lulu Wei.

Located in one of Toronto’s liveliest neighbourhoods for almost 70 years, Honest Ed’s was an essential store for anyone wanting a great bargain. When it closed in 2016, the closure became a warning sign for the impending gentrification of some of Toronto’s most beloved buildings. Lulu Wei, a resident of the area at that time, reflects on the city’s rapid development and how the construction of luxury condos has affected independent businesses and artists.

There’s No Place Like This Place, Anyplace constructs a focused narrative of Toronto’s past, present, and potential future, anchored by testimonials about Honest Ed’s and how its memory lives on in the hearts and minds of Torontonians.

Oct 1st, Noon to Oct 11th, 11:59 PM (ET)

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