Your Mother's Comfort

Adam Golub

Adam Golub





Feature film




1 h 19 mins

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Activism, Latinx, Sex Work, Trans

In the face of a crumbling Brazilian democracy, trans activist and politician Indianara Siqueira fights to protect a safe house on behalf of herself and her chosen family.

Indianara has been ousted by her political party days before the 2018 Brazilian national elections. In the same election cycle, extreme right candidate Jair Bolsonaro is the front runner for President of the Republic. As Brazil’s democracy—and in turn the community’s safety—are threatened, Indianara sets her sights on saving Casa Nem, a Rio de Janeiro homeless shelter and community centre for trans sex workers. The shelter is a squat and the residents are facing eviction, so Indianara and her followers occupy a nearby colonial palace in order to bargain with the city and save the house.

A true fighter living under an unimaginable threat, Indianara risks everything to save her community from uncertainty and to offer them a place of their own.

Oct 1st, Noon to Oct 11th, 11:59 PM (ET)

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