17th Annual Human Rights Watch Film Festival presents:
Gay Chorus Deep South

In response to a wave of discriminatory anti-LGBTQ laws in the southern US and the divisive 2016 elections, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir embarks on a daring tour of the American Deep South. Free tickets, maximum 2 per person.


Inside Out presents:
And Then We Danced

Writer/director Levan Akin’s feature film delivers an exceptionally crafted tale of love and liberation. Goal-oriented Merab (Levan Gelbakhiani) has trained most of his life for a spot in the National Georgian Ensemble, but he’s thrown off balance with the arrival of Irakli, a naturally gifted dancer with a rebellious streak who awakens in Merab a mixture of rivalry and desire.


Paradise presents:
God’s Own Country

Johnny begrudgingly tends to his family’s land in rural England, coping with his resentment and loneliness with drunken evenings and meaningless, secret sex with other young men. When a cool and collected Romanian farmhand arrives on the scene, Johnny is initially irked, but also attracted by his quiet confidence.


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