Invest In Your Community

For over 30 years, Inside Out has been a space to discover the best in 2SLGBTQ+ stories from Canada and around the world and an incubator for queer talent, providing growth, mentorship, connection and opportunity through critical industry programming.

Admit All, Inside Out’s core fundraising initiative, helps us ensure the festival remains a home to all 2SLGBTQ+ filmmakers and a haven for all 2SLGBTQ+ film lovers for years to come. Admit All directs your support where it’s needed most and helps bolster four strategic festival pillars:

Industry Development
Supporting Industry Development helps Inside Out cultivate the current and next generation of 2SLGBTQ+ filmmakers, address inequities and gaps in the mainstream film industry, and offer funding and opportunities for emerging filmmakers and mid-level talent to develop skills for success through the following initiatives:

  • Film Finance Forum
  • Industry Programming
  • Telefilm Talent to Watch
  • Out on Set
  • Re:Focus Fund 
  • Emerging Artist Program

Programming and Exhibition
Support towards Programming and Exhibition allows Inside Out to continue to provide innovative programming through the following initiatives:

  • Annual Toronto Festival
  • Year-round screenings across Ontario 
  • The Inside Out Screening Room

Equity and Accessibility
Donations made towards Equity and Accessibility help Inside Out in its commitment to equity and accessibility through the following services

  • Physical Accessibility
  • Support Persons
  • Service Animals
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Film Captioning, subtitled Films
  • ASL-Interpreted Events 
  • Relaxed Screenings
  • Reel Access Project + Accessibility Resource Guide
  • Community Engagement

Community Engagement
Supporting Community Engagement helps Inside Out foster authentic outreach that ensures that all audience members feel a sense of belonging at the festival through the following initiatives:

  • Community Outreach program providing free screenings for underserved communities
  • The Library (Inside Out’s youth-focused educational resource platform)
  • Free Youth and Senior Matinees
  • Annual free Youth Day screenings 

These pillars are designed to help Inside Out achieve its strategic vision and maximize the impact of your support. You can direct your donation to all four pillars equality or a specific area  of your interest by clicking here

Set up a monthly donation of $25.00 or more to Inside Out and receive exclusive invitations to member and donor events and complimentary year-round early access. All donations $25.00 and above will receive a tax receipt at year’s end.

Make a Monthly Donation

Support Inside Out by making a monthly donation to one or more of our core fundraising pillars to help Inside Out continue to achieve its mission.

Click here to make your donation.

Sponsoring an award or screening at the Toronto 2SLGBTQ+ Film Festival is a wonderful way to show your support for queer filmmakers and encourage the creation of new works from diverse 2SLGBTQ+ voices. Sponsoring an award in honour or in memory of someone can also be an incredibly meaningful way to celebrate their courage, creativity, passion, and life. 

Want to support the upcoming Inside Out Film Festival and 2SLGBTQ+ community programming by sponsoring an award or screening?

Please contact us for more information at

The Leadership Circle brings together a special group of supporters who wish to champion Inside Out’s vision of challenging attitudes and changing lives through the promotion, production and exhibition of film made by and about 2SLGBTQ+ people of all ages, races, and abilities.

By donating to the Leadership Circle, supporters are:

  • Eligible to receive a charitable tax receipt for the full amount of your donation
  • Invited to vote on the annual Leadership Circle Prize for Outstanding Performance, awarded to performers and artists with projects screening in the Festival
  • Honoured as a sponsor of a film in the Festival including invitations to the films screening for yourself and up to five guests
  • Recognized in a “Thank You” slide ahead of all screenings of the sponsored film
  • Invited with guest to our Opening Night Gala and Film
  • Listed in the printed and digital Festival Program Guide

The Insider Circle brings together a special group of donors who wish to support the growth of the Inside Out Film Festival and contribute to its continued success and all future iterations. By standing up and pledging your support for Inside Out at the Insider Circle level, you are actively declaring your support in our longevity, and our vision to promote, produce and exhibit the best 2SLGBTQ+ films the world has to offer.

By donating to the Insider Circle, supporters are:

  • Eligible to receive a charitable tax receipt for the full amount of your donation
  • Invited to a Gala, Special Presentation or Premiere screening of your choice for yourself and two guests
  • Invited with guest to our Opening Night Gala and Film
  • Listed in the printed and digital Festival Program Guide

A charitable gift in your last will and testament, known as a bequest, can be in the form of a sum of money, a specific property, a percentage of the residue of your estate, a life insurance policy, an RRSP or a contingency gift. The tax credit resulting from a bequest can provide valuable tax savings to your estate. Making a gift through your will is a meaningful way to celebrate your legacy while making a lasting commitment to Inside Out and the Toronto 2SLGBTQ+ community.

We also recommend that you speak with your financial and legal advisors when considering these types of gifts to ensure that your financial goals are considered, your tax situation is reviewed and your planned gift is tailored to your individual circumstances.

Please contact us for more information at