Your business or corporation can support Inside Out and help us achieve our mandate of Challenging Attitudes and Changing Lives by sponsoring one or all of our yearly initiatives:

  • Toronto 2SLGBTQ+ Film Festival
  • Year-round Screenings

Our members and audiences are well educated with high household incomes who actively seek out products and services from companies seen as 2SLGBTQ+ positive.

Sponsorship of our key initiatives offers exposure in a variety of ways:

  • Advertising in Festival catalogue
  • Website advertising
  • Logo recognition
  • Pre-screening trailers
  • On-site sampling/displays
  • And more…

We would be happy to tailor a sponsorship package to fit your needs and give your company maximum exposure.

For more information on how to promote your business, big or small, with the largest 2SLGBTQ+ Film Festival in the country or to gain more insight about Inside Out and our initiatives, please contact:

Anna Daliza (she/her)
Partnerships Manager