Best of Best of the Fest

From audience awards winners to programmer’s picks, Best of the Best of the Fest offers up a solid cross section of short film festival faves spanning three decades.


INTERVIEWS WITH MY NEXT GIRLFRIEND, directed by Cassandra Nicolaou. (Canada 2001)

Starring a cast of Toronto celebrities including Ann-Marie Macdonald, Diane Flacks, Karen Robinson, Shoshana Sperling and Moynan King, nine women are questioned by an unknown interviewer to see if they measure up.

*2001 Audience Award, Best Short Film


HELLO, MY NAME IS HERMAN, directed by Karine Silverwoman. (Canada 2007) 

Hello, My Name Is Herman poignantly and humorously describes the relationship between a 91-year-old Jewish man, his lesbian granddaughter and her girlfriend. 

*2007 Audience Award, Best Short Film


OH-BE-JOYFUL, directed by Susan Jacobson. (UK 2016)

Rita is about to kick the bucket, but before she does she’s got one last job to do: drag her granddaughter out of the closet.

*2016 Audience Award Winner, Best Short Film


FOR NONNA ANNA, directed by Luis De Filippis. (Canada 2018)

In this raw and graceful testimony of intersectional womanhood, a trans girl has to care for her Italian grandmother. She assumes that her Nonna disapproves of her — but instead discovers a tender bond in their shared vulnerability.

*2018 Emerging Canadian Artist Award, Luis De Filippis


HOLE, directed by Martin Edralin (Canada 2014)

Billy, a gay man with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita who is struggling to find physical and sexual intimacy. 

*2015 Best Canadian Short Film


STOP CALLING ME HONEY BUNNY, directed by Gabrielle Zilkha (Canada 2013)

Stop Calling Me Honey Bunny follows our bunny couple on their dedicated journey to revive their sex life. From role play, to sex toys, to sex therapy, the roller coaster sexploration these bunnies endure is exciting, thrilling, humiliating, exhausting and, at times, quite touching.

*2013 Best Canadian Short Film


THE GOLDEN PIN, directed by Cuong Ngo (Canada 2009)

Long, a young Vietnamese-Canadian swimmer, finds himself struggling between the expectations of his family and the demands of his heart. English & Vietnamese with English subtitles

*2009 Best Canadian Short


THE THING, directed by Rhys Ernst (USA 2012)

A woman, a transgender man, and their cat travel towards a mysterious roadside attraction known as “The Thing.”


SHE DON’T FADE, directed by Cheryl Dunye (USA 1992)

She Don’t Fade by Cheryl Dunye examines the sexuality of a black lesbian, Shae Clarke. Clarke, played by Dunye herself, tells of “her new approach to women” and takes us on a journey to find her. 


WAACK REVOLT, directed by Sonia Hong (Canada 2013)

WAACK REVOLT is a cheeky love story that begins during an audition, in the 1940’s Classic Hollywood era. This is where the lovers first meet and commence their love for “waacking”. Outraged by their dance, the public exclaim that they aren’t allowed to “waack” in public, but only behind closed doors.

*2014 Best Canadian Short Film

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May 25 to June 30, 2020


Beginning Monday, May 25th and going to June 30th, a curated selection of short films will be available to screen exclusively on Inside Out’s website.

The 30th anniversary committee, led by Director of Programming Andrew Murphy, includes Jenna Dufton (Programming Manager), Chris Chin, Michele Pearson Clarke, Scott Ferguson, Nik Redman, and Sonya Reynolds.