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Andria Wilson
Executive Director

Pronouns: She/Her
416 977 6847 ext. 21

Which queer film inspired (or challenged) you the most?

In 2016, before I began my role at Inside Out, I was attending the festival and sat in the sold-out closing night screening of the doc KIKI. I had grown up watching Paris is Burning and Truth or Dare on repeat, and to see this beautifully orchestrated contemporary dive into ballroom culture – in a packed house of 2SLGTQ Torontonians — moved me deeply. I think so often about how our experiences around queer cinema are shaped not just by the content itself, but by the context of the time and the room we watch them in. Since 2016, seeing the progression of narrative from KIKI to FX’s Pose — a groundbreaking show airing in more than 100 countries around the world, via TV and streaming platforms — I am inspired every day to work in this corner of the industry.

Who is your queer superhero?

Our friends at CBC Arts put together this glorious list of Canadian ‘queeroes’ this past Pride, and I’ve gone back to it multiple times for inspiration. There is also this exceptional list published on Working in a 2SLGBTQ organization means that I am privileged to be surrounded by queer and trans people that inspire me, every single day. From the filmmakers we get to showcase at the festival, to the executives behind the scenes greenlighting authentic queer stories, to the funders putting their dollars into the next generation of queer creators, to the activists and advocates working daily to create change — I’m overwhelmed by their work.

What is your queer anthem?

That term basically describes everything in my Spotify account, but if I had to have only one on repeat, it would be Robyn’s ‘Dancing on my Own.’ Then, now, forever. Side note, speaking of Spotify — all queer people (and everyone reading this) needs to follow your Chani Nicholas Cosmic Playlist on Spotify. Trust me.

Andrew Murphy
Director of Programming


Pronouns: He/Him
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Jenna Dufton
Programming Manager


Pronouns: She/Her
416 977 6847 ext. 28

What was the last queer film you saw?

The last queer film I saw was Jennifer Reeder’s Knives and Skin which I watched for a second time at Inside Out and I will watch again next opportunity I get. The last queer non-film I watched was Grey’s Anatomy s4e17 (Freedom: Part 2) which is the one where a young man gets encased in cement and also Callie kisses Erica Hahn for the first time.

What is your favourite moment from Inside Out?

My favourite moment from this year’s Inside Out was watching the Q&A for We Are the Radical Monarchs. I saw the film at SXSW and the Q&A that followed with the co-founders and members of the original troop was one of the best I have ever seen. It meant a lot to be able to bring the film and two of its subjects to our audience at Inside Out and for it to go on to win our Audience Award.

What is your queer anthem?

I listen to queer anthems almost exclusively and the queer anthem of the year for me is queer icon Carly Rae Jepsen’s Dedicated. The entire album. One queer anthem after another.

Deanna Bickford
Director of Development


Pronouns: She/Her
416 977 6847 ext. 23


Which queer film inspired you the most?

Seeing Matt Shephard is a Friend of Mine at Inside Out several years ago with Matt’s parents who spoke to the audience after was an experience that stays with me always. I also find recent series like Pose and Vida incredibly powerful.

What do you love/enjoy the most about Inside Out?

Getting to know, working with and for so many wonderful humans… and seeing the connections and community that film can build!

Who is your queer superhero?

Hmm that’s a tough one because there are a ton of “queeroes” in our communities! In the film world, I see people like Angelica Ross and Indya Moore doing consistently great work for better representation and for the re-centering of narratives around lived trans and intersectional experience.

Beau Gomez
Marketing & Outreach Manager


Pronouns: He/Him
416 977 6847 ext. 32

What was the last queer film you saw?

I had the chance to see Marco Berger’s Un Rubio (The Blonde One) at Inside Out 2019, which was one of many memorable films I saw this year. The ways in which he approaches sexuality and human connection through visual cues, framing devices, and minimal dialogue were so finely nuanced and profound.

What is your favourite moment from Inside Out?

Having the opportunity to meet queer Filipino filmmakers and witnessing the magnificent work they do in telling our stories. It was lovely getting to know and engaging with PJ and Lisa (of Call her Ganda) as well as Samantha Lee, who screened her film Billie and Emma this year.

What is your queer anthem?

Feedback by Janet Jackson! Anything by hers, really –  she is untouchable.

Kelsey Butt
Events & Engagement Coordinator


Pronouns: They/Them
416 977 6847 ext. 26

Jayne Schneider
Office Manager


Pronouns: She/Her
416 977 6847 ext. 30

What was the last queer film you saw?

We Are the Radical Monarchs at Inside Out 2019. What a beautiful idea and certainly not something I ever thought I’d see in my lifetime. I can’t wait until those girls are running the world!

What is your favourite film that you saw at Inside Out?

Is it really fair to ask me to choose a favourite : ) I loved Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street. I’m not a horror fan but I am a fan of films that take you behind-the-scenes in Hollywood and this one is epic. I couldn’t believe how many historically important queer events and experiences were tied up in this one story.

What do you love/enjoy the most about Inside Out?

I love that Inside Out, and the community that supports and creates it, continues to thrive. That’s no small feat in a social, cultural and economic environment that has changed so much––for better and worse––in 30 years.

Bran Ramsey
Box Office Manager


Pronouns: He/Him

What colour best describes you?

Truthfully, I have no preference on colour one way, or another. I do, however, have a few colour rules that constitute a personal gospel that I have created for myself like: never wear yellow with my skin tone, never wear white because I am clumsy and a slob, and only wear red in the deep Winter to inspire the hope of Spring and to conjure warmth. To pinpoint one colour that best describes me proves to be an impossible task. If forced to choose, I would have to say that a Debbie Travis spin on ‘chartreuse’ would be my pick. Mostly because I refuse to believe that chartreuse is not a shade of red on Life’s colour wheel, and also because it is the most confusing colour I have ever seen. But somehow, it is still alluring. Like me!

What do you love/enjoy the most about Inside Out?

Shockingly, I have had many a job during my 30 years on this green Earth, and even more if you count my gainful past-life employment. No one does. It may also shock you to hear, dear reader, that I was never very popular growing up. I found most of my friends in novels that I would steal from my local public library, or through my local Pen Pal program. As it turns out, this was a Prison Pen Pal program that I wasted all my Anne Geddes stationery on, but it was safer than meeting people on the internet. Or so my mother told me.

But now, working at Inside Out, I have finally found my tribe and all my many quirks are finally embraced, encouraged, and enjoyed. I love how accepting and welcoming the work environment and atmosphere is; I love that I can be myself without fear of judgment, or criticism. I finally feel accepted and like I belong!

Sunny Kim
Financial Clerk


Pronouns: She/Her

What was the last queer film you saw?

I saw A Dog Barking at the Moon at Inside Out Toronto earlier this year, and really enjoyed it! The film was incredibly tense… in a good way. It was tackling so many issues at once; homosexuality, family relations, communist culture, secrecy – with all of it portrayed with a level of sharp elegance.

What is your favourite moment from Inside Out?

I really admire the enthusiasm the community collectively feels when attending any of our events. One of the highlights for me was seeing Get Bent, which was a Drag Party Fundraiser, featuring QTBIPOC performers. There was just so much talent in that room; everyone was ferocious and confidently unapologetic, and it really brought out a new energy to Inside Out and I’m glad to have been a part of it!

What is your queer anthem?

Last Dance by Donna Summer – you can’t beat the Queen of Disco!

Fred Daou
Community Engagement Assistant



Which queer film inspired you the most?

Pariah. I loved this film for its colours, its diaspora, its Blackness. Alike (Adepero Oduye) moved me so much by being a lesbian. I could relate to her identity.

What do you love/enjoy the most about Inside Out?

I enjoy the diversity that I bring to the table. As a person who gravitates toward trans, fat, disability, and race, I’m open to all kinds of identities and acceptance. I like to view myself as a flexible person, entering many, diverse, and various roles. I think about Inside Out all the time — I’m glad I found my home in its connections, queer and otherwise.

What is your queer anthem?

My queer anthem has got to be No One by Alicia Keys. What makes this anthem queer? Oh, the fact that it was sung by me and the cast of Vida!

“No one, no one…Can get in the way of what I’m feeling.”

Emily Trace
Social Media Coordinator



Victoria Yeung
Event Production Coordinator



Kirsten Bligh
Membership Coordinator



Irenaldo Fumero
Guest Program Coordinator



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Dave Singh (Treasurer)
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Tania Cheng
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