Inside Out’s International Financing Forum (IFF) is the first and only 2SLGBTQ+ finance forum of its kind in the world. Now entering its sixth edition, the Forum provides 2SLGBTQ+-identified producers, writers and directors creating 2SLGBTQ+ content an opportunity to move their feature projects forward through professional development, mentorship, and the platform to pitch their projects directly to top international industry executives and decision-makers.

Stream 1: In 2022, Narrative and Documentary Feature Film Projects with budgets of $1.5M+ (CAD) are eligible for the Forum. It is open to Canadian and international projects, including treaty and non-treaty co-productions.

The Inside Out 2SLGBTQ+ Film Finance Forum is presented by Netflix, with support from Telefilm, Canadian Media Fund, Ontario Creates, and the Canadian Media Producers Association.

In 2021, executives from the following companies took one-on-one meetings with the selected creative teams: Bankside Films (UK), Bell Media (CAN), Bleecker Street (US), CBC Films (CAN), Chicago Media Angels (US), Cinetic Media (US), Films Boutique (Germany), GLAAD (US), Killer Films (US), Little Punk Films (US), mk2 Films (France), NEON (US), Netflix (US), Powderkeg Media (US), Protagonist Pictures (UK), Symbolic Exchange (US), The Film Collaborative (USA), Verve Talent & Literary Agency (US), & WaZabi Films (CAN).

In 2021, projects were selected from Australia, Canada, France, Switzerland, the UK and the US.

Stream 2: **Please note that Stream 2 of the finance forum (Narrative Feature and/or Episodic projects at the $125,000-$250,000 budget level and open to emerging Canadian producers only) will take place later this year due in part to the relaunch of Telefilm’s Talent to Watch Program in 2022. Keep watch here and on our social media channels for updates.

Rules & Terms:


We are looking for queer-content projects at a strong second draft stage, with a producer attached, that are seeking financing opportunities. Preference will be given to projects with 2SLGBTQ+ identified producers with key creatives (ie: writer) who identify as 2SLGBTQ+. Co-productions with Canada are encouraged to apply, including those seeking a Canadian producer.

Non-English language projects must request approval for submission from Andrew Murphy, Director of Programming,

When submitting, you must upload the following as ONE PDF attachment to your Project in FilmFreeway. Please use this as a checklist before finalizing your submission:

  • First 15 pages of your script
  • Budget Amount
  • Proposed Financing Plan
  • Company Profile
  • Long Synopsis
  • Log Line
  • Producer, Writer, Director bios and headshots)

Please combine all documents into one PDF file for upload and attach to the ‘Script’ section in FilmFreeWay. If you have a pitch deck or lookbook for the project, please upload that as a separate file in the ‘Files & Attachments’ section.


Projects that were featured in a previous edition are not eligible for participation in 2022; however, producers/creators that have participated in previous editions are welcome to submit new projects. For any questions regarding eligibility, please contact Andrew Murphy, Director of Programming,

Eligible participants must be available to participate in the Finance Forum during the Festival dates June 2nd and 3rd, 2022.Schedule to be finalized closer to the event.

Applications close on Friday, March 04, 2022, at 11:59 PM EST.

As of January 2022, Inside Out is planning for an in person Forum. Please stay tuned for updates.

The submission of your application shall constitute acceptance of these regulations. In any dispute, the decisions of the Festival shall be final. The Applicant releases the Festival, its Officers, Directors and all other employees and representatives, from any and all claims relating in any way to your application or the submission of materials to the Festival by or on behalf of the Applicant, whether on film, video, or other media.

Applicants submitting projects that support, reflect, and strengthen diversity are expected to tangibly demonstrate a genuine and sustained commitment to these equity-seeking communities. Inside Out’s International Finance Forum encourages applications from companies that are BIPOC led, as well as applications from people with disabilities and people who have barriers to accessing technology. If you would like to request an alternative process or format for submitting an application please contact us in advance of the deadline.


Quotes from our 2021 Participants:

“The Inside Out Finance Forum was instrumental in pushing us to the ‘fully financed’ finish line. We attended the forum in June and were in production by September. It was the best possible outcome any film could ask for.”

Luis De Filipa, Jessica Adams, Michael Graf, Rhea Plangg & Michela Pini, Something You Said Last Night (Canada)


“Inside Out’s IFF helped us break the ice and barriers to access for major decision-makers in the industry and give our film its best opportunity to be seen and financed.”

Shant Joshi & Rain Valdez, Re-Live (Canada/US)


“Inside Out IFF was an incredible opportunity to get our project in front of some carefully chosen high level execs and we have made some great contacts as a result of it. We were particularly impressed with the Inside Out team, who were supportive beyond all expectations and personally invested in our project’s success, more than at any other film market that we have been part of.”

Sam Peter Jackson & Silvia Felce, Acts of Thievery (UK)


“IOIFF not only gave us access to stellar, senior Decision Makers from the worlds of Sales, Finance and Distribution, it gave us insight into how they think and what we can do to make our project one that they say ‘Yes’ to. Hurry to get your project into IOIFF.”

Grant Keir, Nick Varley & Virginia Heath, Mae West: Boxer in a Corset (UK)


“Inside Out was the perfect market introduction for our upcoming feature film Tomgirl. As we’re based in Australia, sometimes we can feel isolated because of distance (and COVID making international travel difficult), but the Film Finance Forum was the most accommodating market experience we’ve had to date. It was invaluable to be at a market specifically for queer cinema and it infused us with confidence to meet with industry who were interested in our innate stories. Jan and Andrew were incredibly supportive and encouraged us at every step of the way, and we loved networking with the other filmmakers across the globe; an invaluable experience for us in 2021.”

Vonne Patiag & Maren Smith, Tomgirl (Australia)


“The Inside Out International Financing Forum was the perfect platform to pitch to exclusive and seasoned executives in a setting that was at once professional and intimate. The members of the organizing committee prioritize making connections that have every realistic opportunity to become lasting relationships for current and future projects. With an impressive roster of participating filmmakers and executives, the forum, surely not by accident, highlights the incredible breadth of LGBTQ+ content, and the voracious global appetite to consume it.”

Rodrigo Barriuso, Quentin Worthington & Claire Gadéa, Neverman (Canada/France)


“From submission to selection, through to the actual pitches and the after care, the Inside Out IFF process was nothing short of wonderful. We were thrilled to be chosen to pitch to an eclectic range of producers, studios and distributors, all of whom requested to read our script and are still providing invaluable feedback. This will be the bedrock of our film’s development as it was the first time the project had gone to market and what a debut we had, courtesy of Inside Out IFF and its team. “

Fizz Milton, Christine Alderson & Jacquie Lawrence, Triple L (UK)


“Inside Out helped us as a team not only meet potential financiers, but also understand where our film could live.”

Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor & Matthew Jacobs Morgan, Loco Parentis (UK)


Other Forum Success Stories:

Sam Feder’s documentary DISCLOSURE premiered to rave reviews at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, and was subsequently picked up by Netflix.


Mike Mosallam’s romantic comedy selection from 2017, BREAKING FAST, had its world premiere at Cinequest 2020 and was an Inside Out Official Selection, picking up NA distribution.


Philip J. Connell’s JUMP DARLING starring Academy Award winner Cloris Leachman, received a special sneak preview at the 2020 Inside Out 2SLGBTQ+ Film Festival and was released in 2021.


Trevor Anderson’s BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND (2019) was named to The GLAAD List: a curated list of the ten most promising LGBTQ+inclusive screenplays in Hollywood as determined by GLAAD and The Black List. Film was financed and shot in 2021.


Gary Jaffe’s and Katie Ennis’ OUR LAST SUMMER have attached Alan Ball (Six Feet Under, American Beauty, Uncle Frank) as Executive Producer.




January 27, 2022: Submissions Open

March 04, 2022: Submission Deadline via FilmFreeWay

June 2-4, 2022: Finance Forum in Toronto

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