Changing the Game

Changing the Game
Directed by: Michael Barnett
Country: United States
Runtime: 95 Minutes
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Changing the Game takes us beyond sensationalistic headlines to really get to know three Trans athletes who are fighting to compete in school athletics. Mack, Sarah, and Andraya have lots in common, they are all hard working Transgender teen athletes who excel in their sports. But because state laws are so wildly inconsistent they experience some major differences. Mack in Texas, despite being a boy, is forced to wrestle against girls. Sarah in New Hampshire faces a law saying she must have gender confirmation surgery in order to ski against other girls. Andraya in Connecticut is able to race against girls but faces hateful discrimination. Changing the Game is an inspiring look at three incredible teen athletes who must combat transphobia, online hate, and unfair legislations just to play.


2019 Inside Out Ottawa LGBT Film Festival

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