When all else fails, Troy and his son, Joe, head out into the Montana wilderness toward the Canadian border, and their freedom.

Troy has struggled in his life but has always been a great father to Joe. When Joe’s mother, Sally, refuses to accept him, Troy sees no other option than to take Joe away. When Sally discovers he is missing, she enlists the help of local police detective, Faith, but as Faith unearths more clues about the case, she realizes there is more to this than Sally has admitted. As the manhunt intensifies, Faith must find the father and son before less understanding members of the search team do, and Sally must embrace Joe for who he is.

With standout performances by Steve Zahn, Ann Dowd, Jillian Bell, and young trans actor Sasha Knight, Cowboys is the captivating story of a young man who knows exactly who he is, and a father who will do anything to protect that.


Available Canada-wide with closed captions.

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