European Union Film Festival:
Something Is Happening

Anne Alix

Anne Alix







1 h 41 min

Irma (Bojeria Horackova), a recently bereaved young widow, joins the adventurously independent and blithe-spirited Dolores (Lola Duenas, an Almodovar favourite), in her convertible on a roving assignment to research the writing of a queer-friendly guide to Provence.

They’re an improbable duo in a quintessential road movie that’s ultimately a journey of self-discovery. They anticipate the picturesque and folkloric, and what they get is a far more complex world with a warm welcome from the locals – seasonal labourers, immigrants, fishermen and factory workers. The authenticity is a breath of fresh air as we join the duo rolling through the plains of Camargue, wind in their hair…

Fri Nov 8, 6:00pm

The Royal Cinema
608 College St, Toronto, ON