Queerly Beloved:
Fox and His Friends

Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Rainer Werner Fassbinder







2h 3mins

Queerly Beloved: Fox and His Friends

Prodigious filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder casts himself as the titular Fox, whose sudden lottery win makes him a target for his bougie boyfriend. Fox and his opportunistic friends scheme and despair in a series of brilliantly conceived set pieces—including a dinner party from hell—as they spin a web of melodrama, money and sharp social commentary. Fassbinder’s 26th film offers a controversial view of relationship dynamics that, while firmly set in West Germany’s gay community, foregrounds issues of class and exploitation over sexual politics.

In German, with English subtitles.

Queerly Beloved is presented in partnership with Paradise.


    • “Begins with the materials of soap opera, and expands them into an indictment of society.” – Roger Ebert
    • “Sharp and precise, especially in Fassbinder’s attention to distinctions of class and status.” – New Yorker
    • A work of brilliant intelligence” – Time Out

Mon Mar 2, 7:30 pm

1006 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario

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Inside Out, Canada’s largest LGBTQ film festival and the single largest promoter and distributor of LGBTQ content in Canada, along with the newly restored historic Toronto cinema Paradise Theatre, are proud to announce a partnership on a new film series entitled ‘Queerly Beloved’, ahead of Inside Out’s upcoming 30th anniversary festival taking place May 21-31. The cinema series, running during March 2020, will showcase eighteen (18) independent and influential queer films at Paradise Theatre, all of which have played an important role in shaping the history and narrative of queer cinema, and challenge norms of gender, sexuality, and desire through storytelling.