Queerly Beloved:
Zero Patience

John Greyson

John Greyson








Queerly Beloved: Zero Patience

“Juggling MTV-style numbers, intellectual in-jokes and very sexual politics,” (Variety), Zero Patience examines and refutes the urban legend of the alleged introduction of HIV to North America by a single individual. With defiant use of camp, melodrama and song, Canadian filmmaker John Greyson (Lilies) makes clear the ridiculous and paranoid story of “Patient Zero.” The musical tells its story against the backdrop of a romance between a time-displaced Sir Richard Francis Burton and the ghost of “Zero” (the character is not identified by Gaëtan Dugas’s name). Paradise is proud to premiere this newly restored version of the film.

Director John Greyson will be present for a Q&A following the film.

Co-presented by AIDS Action Now!, Vtape Distribution, Archive/Counter Archive, and the Vulnerable Media Lab.

Queerly Beloved is presented in partnership with Paradise.


    • Forms a conga line into the heart of AIDS myths and refuses to go gentle into that good night.” Austin Chronicle
    •  “Inverting popular wisdom, the movie offers a sassy commentary on the epidemic of blame.” Time Out London
    • “If silence equals death, Zero Patience is not about to succumb anytime soon.” – Washington Post

Tue Mar 3, 6:00 pm

1006 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario

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Inside Out, Canada’s largest LGBTQ film festival and the single largest promoter and distributor of LGBTQ content in Canada, along with the newly restored historic Toronto cinema Paradise Theatre, are proud to announce a partnership on a new film series entitled ‘Queerly Beloved’, ahead of Inside Out’s upcoming 30th anniversary festival taking place May 21-31. The cinema series, running during March 2020, will showcase eighteen (18) independent and influential queer films at Paradise Theatre, all of which have played an important role in shaping the history and narrative of queer cinema, and challenge norms of gender, sexuality, and desire through storytelling.