Content Advisories

We recommend reading full program notes for themes explored in each film. If you have any concerns about content that may be included in any film screening during this year’s festival please contact us at and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you require additional support please check out for services provided by The 519.

Beyond Ed Buck

  • Racism 
  • Contains themes and discussions of racism and mentions and depictions of racial violence.
  • ​​Transphobic Violence
  • Scenes depicting graphic transphobic violence.
  • Homophobic Violence
  • Scenes depicting homophobic violence.


  • Sexual Assault
  • Conversations around sexual assault.
  • Violence
  • Scenes depicting violence.


  • Sexual Content 
  • Scenes containing graphic sexual content and nudity. 

The Divide

  • Violence
  • Scenes depicting police brutality. 

A Wild Patience Has Taken Me Here (Shorts: Honey & I)

  • Sexual Content 
  • Scenes containing graphic sexual content and nudity. 

Chaperone (Shorts: Now I’m In It)

  • Suicide
  • Scenes that deal with and depict suicide.

No (Shorts: Stories We Tell)

  • Sexual Assault
  • Conversations around and brief imagery involving sexual assault.

Starfuckers (Shorts: Now I’m In It)

  • Sexual Assault
  • Conversations around sexual assault.

Recommended Film Classifications

Blooming on the Asphalt


Shorts: Something To Tell You

Stupid For You

Death and Bowling

Fiona Clark: Unafraid

Fire Island

Framing Agnes

Friday I’m In Love

Gateways Grind

Girl Picture

In From the Side


LA Queenciañera

Mars One


Nana’s Boys

Neptune Frost

Out in the Ring

Pat Rocco Dared

Phantom Project

Shorts: BOLD

Shorts: Icons

Shorts: Local Heroes

Shorts: Stories We Tell 

Shorts: Thrive


So Damn Easy Going


The Divide

The Empress of Vancouver

The First Fallen

The Lake


Unidentified Objects

Wake Up Leonard

We Don’t Dance for Nothing

We Will Never Belong

With Wonder

Beyond Ed Buck

Camila Comes Out Tonight 



Private Desert

Shorts: Honey & I

Shorts: If I Could Change Your Mind

Shorts: No Body, No Crime

Shorts: Now I’m In It

Shorts: Running If You Call My Name

For more information on the following content advisories or any other content included in the 2021 Inside Out 2SLGBTQ+ Festival, please email:

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