Content Advisories

We recommend reading full program notes for themes explored in each film. If you have any concerns about content that may be included in any film screening during this year’s festival please contact us at and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you require additional support please check out for services provided by The 519.



  • Scenes depicting homophobic languge and violence
  • Scenes depicting racist language and violence.
  • Scenes depicting suicide.



  • Scenes depicting violence, featuring gore, and elements of horror.



  • Scenes depicting homophobic violence.


My First Summer

  • Scenes depicting suicide.


Potato Dreams of America

  • Scenes include homophobic and racist language.


See You Then

  • Conversations around abortion.

Covid Summer (Shorts: Afterglow)

  • Pornographic content.


Cosmopolitan (Shorts: Delicate)

  • Contains themes of racism.


Fisherman (Shorts: Afterglow)

  • Pornographic content.


Freed (Shorts: BOLD, Shorts: Delicate)

  • Scene depicting homophobic violence.


The Isobel Imprint (Shorts: Stories We Tell)

  • Conversations around suicide.


Mes Cheris (Shorts: Thrive)

  • Pornographic content.

Recommended Film Classifications

Being Thunder

Alone Together

Can You Bring It

Drag Invasion

Mama Gloria


Trans in Trumpland


Shorts: Only the Young (Youth Shorts)

A Distant Place


Boy Meets Boy

Dawn, Her Dad & The Tractor

Drag Invasion

Fanny: The Right to Rock


How to Fix Radios

Instructions for Survival

I Carry You With Me


Language Lessons

Love Spells and All That

Ma Belle, My Beauty

My First Summer

Potato Dreams of America



Walk with Me

Yes I Am

Shorts: BOLD

Shorts: Delicate

Shorts: I Knew You Were Trouble

Shorts: Icons

Shorts: Local Heroes

Shorts: Long Story Short

Shorts: Episodic

Shorts: Sparks Fly

Shorts: Stories We Tell

Shorts: This is Me Trying

All other films and programs are 18A.

For more information on the following content advisories or any other content included in the 2021 Inside Out 2SLGBTQ+ Festival, please email:

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