The First Women

Adriana Yañez

Adriana Yañez





Feature film




1 h 18 mins

Previous Festivals/Awards

Audience Award, 2024 Mostra Tiradentes




Latinx, Lesbian, RE:Focus

The First Women follows a group of women nearing their 60s who live in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro and share a common past: they were a part of the first ever women’s soccer team in Brazil. However, travelling around the world playing football in the 1980s and ‘90s did not guarantee them any notoriety. Today, most of them make their living from informal jobs, such as street vendors, Uber drivers, chefs, and construction workers. The film intimately reflects on the past, while following present day routines alongside consecutive matches played by the Brazilian men’s team in the World Cup. What is revealed is the incredible, and previously ignored, history of the first female national team to represent the country of football.

North American Premiere

May 26, 2024 4:45 pm
TIFF Lightbox 2
350 King Street West
Toronto ON

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