Bulletproof: A Lesbian's Guide to Surviving the Plot

Regan Latimer

Regan Latimer





Feature film




1 h 45 mins


Spotlight on Canada


Activism, Bisexual, Canadian, Lesbian, Local, RE:Focus


Regan Latimer, Jill Golick, Lindy Zucker

Filmmaker Regan Latimer takes an insightful, immersive, and deeply personal look at
Queer representation in television, and the power of the media to shape how we see ourselves. Witty, fast-paced, and laced with pop culture references, Regan journeys across North America and beyond in her quest to understand the forces that influence the stories we see on our screens. Original animation and personal anecdotes are interwoven with wide-ranging conversations with television insiders, LGBTQ+ community advocates, and people who just love to watch TV. As Latimer navigates an ever-evolving media landscape, the filmmaker learns firsthand that representation done well has the power to transform.

World Premiere

May 25, 2024 11:45 am
TIFF Lightbox 3
350 King Street West
Toronto, ON

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